Study of High Performance Liquid Chromatography Grade Water Quality in Iran

  • Ataallah Mazidi Department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering, School of Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.
  • Homa Hakimian Department of Biology, School of Science and Engineering, Science and Arts University, Yazd, Iran.
Keywords: Water; HPLC; Food control


Background: The use of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) grade water is very important for laboratory studies, especially food quality control. These studies have a great impact on diagnosing food health. Food health improves the health of the community and these two parameters are closely related. HPLC grade water is ultra-pure water with low UV absorption ability. This water is often purified through a micron filter and all contaminants are removed. Methods: Thirty samples of HPLC grade water with Iranian and non-Iranian brands purchased from Tehran were tested for electrical conductivity and silica. Results: The quality of all the tested samples was approved which was lower than the allowable limit. None of the Iranian and non-Iranian samples exceeded the standard limit. Conclusion: This study indicated the good quality of this product. It was concluded that all the samples had desirable quality.