The Correlation of Irisin Levels and Some Trace Element as a Potential Mark Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

  • Majid Jawad AL-Ghazali
  • Hanaa Addai Ali
  • Mohauman Mohammad AL-Rufaie
  • Rawaa AddayAli
Keywords: Gestational diabetes mellitus; Irisin; Trace elements; Glycemic indices


Abstract- The objective of this project was investigating and comparing changes of serum irisin, and trace levels of the elements (Zn, Cu, Mg) in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus GDM in addition to wholesome pregnant group, examining the correlation among (Zn, Cu, Mg) levels and irisin insulin impedance in GDM pregnant women. Sixty GDM pregnant women and thirty wholesome pregnant women were examined. The pair groups were matched for age, and maternal serum irisin. Insulin levels and gestational age were calculated by the assay for enzyme-linked immune sorbent kit at gestation at 24-28 weeks. The confederation between clinical and biochemical parameters and maternal serum irisin levels were predestined. Serum levels of glucose, body mass index, insulin, OGTT, HOMA IR, HOMAβ, HbA1c, Hb%, irisin, Zn, Cu and Mg were investigated and analyzed for the examined collection as well as control samples. Pregnant women with GDM disease had noteworthy rising fast blood glucose FBG (P=0.004), first-hour OGTT glucose (P=0.001), second-hour OGTT glucose (P=0.001), fasting insulin FI (P=0.001) levels, HOMA IR (P=0.001), HOMAβ (P=0.001), HbA1C (P=0.001), Hb% (P=0.017), as contrasted to healthy women. Levels of irisin serum were significantly minimizing (P=0.001) in women, and sequentially more advanced GDM (mean±SD=71.65±8.03) than healthy pregnant controls (mean±SD 136.54±22.56). Analyses among irisin levels of anthropometric and biochemical values in gestational diabetes patients disclosed that none of the scrupulousness values were remediated with serum irisin level. His present outcomes indicate that the levels of serum irisin might be presented as an incoming GDM marker with decreased irisin levels being GDM symptomatic.