Exploring the Underlying Factors for Fast Food Consumption Behavior among Adolescents: A Qualitative Study

  • Ata Pourabbasia
  • Fatemeh-sadat Fatemi
  • Mahdiyeh Tehrani Moghadam
  • Haniyeh Yavari
  • Bahare Seyedhosseini
  • Amir Hossein Shams
Keywords: Nutrition; Behavior; Fast food; Adolescents


Background: Overweight and obesity cause different disorders such as high blood pressure, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. So it becomes a major factor for enhancing different mortal diseases. Due to the high tendency to consume fast food among adolescents, this study aims to identify the causes of adolescent’s desire for and fast food consumption.

Methods: An interview was carried out with some adolescents to explore the reasons and their consumption rate.

Results: The main factors promoting fast food consumption in students can be divided into 4 categories. Also, the students’ motivation in fast food ingestion can be explained in personal, social, and educational reasons.

Conclusion: Increasing number of fast food restaurants, peer pressure, parents’ role in choosing proper nutrition, and lack of knowledge about the risks of fast food are the main reasons for increased fast food consumption in adolescents.