Bilateral Testicular Torsion: A Case Report

  • Behzad Lotfi Department of Urology, Imam Reza Hospital, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran.
Keywords: Spermatic cord torsion; Newborn; Neonatal testicular torsion


Bilateral testicular torsion is a rare condition. We report a case of a male newborn with bilateral enlarged and firm testes. Color-Doppler revealed no evidence of vascular flow in both testes. Although intraoperative findings were in favor of bilateral infarcted and gangrenous testes, the patient underwent bilateral orchiopexy after conferring with his parents. At sixmonth follow-up, both testicles were atrophic. Management of bilateral neonatal testicular torsion is controversial and includes conservative management, orchiopexy, and orchiectomy. The possibility of salvaging testis in neonatal testicular torsion is very low in each treatment modality.