Predictors of Physical Activity in Older Adults in Northwest of Iran

  • Batool Ahmadi
  • Nayyereh Amini Sanii
  • Hamid Allahverdipour
  • Fahim Bani
  • Fatemeh Bakhtari


Introduction: There are strong evidences to support the relation between Physical Activity (PA) and improved health in older adults. So this study aimed to determine the predictors of PA among a group of older adults in northwest of Iran.

Methods: In 2016, a randomly sample size of 340 older people in urban regions of Maku, West Azerbaijan, Iran, was recruited to complete Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE) and individual factors questionnaires.

Results: The mean score of PA was 94.02 ± 3.41. Logistic regression analysis showed that age was the strongest predictor of PA; among younger elderly with higher level education, who had less comorbidity were significantly more active than their counterparts. (β = -2.72, SE = 0.47, P- value = 0.001)

Conclusion: In this study the level of PA among the older adults was low and interventions to promote PA in this population is recommended.