Identifying the Succession Dimensions and Formulating the Health Network Managers' Selection Components

  • Narjes alsadat Nasbi
  • Farideh Jalali
  • Najmeh Bordbar
  • Hamed Fasihi Nia
  • Pegah Ansari
  • Peivand Bastani
Keywords: Succession planning, Component, Health network manager


Background: Management transport occurs in organizational hierarchy commonly; so, succession planning is of a great importance. In this regard, identification of the effective methods for succession planning leads to organizational success in health care systems. This study aimed to identify the dimensions of succession and formulate the components of health network managers' selection.

Methods: This qualitative research was conducted by applying the content analysis approach in 2018. To glean the information, 42 semi-structured interviews were conducted using the snowball sampling method. Data was analyzed by framework analysis applying Max QDA 10 software.

Results: The main effective factors for achieving the health network administrator management rank contained 4 main themes of managerial education and skills, specified education and skills, educational methods, and performance evaluation mechanism. Moreover, we identified the main applied points in monitoring the health network managers' duties.

Conclusion: The basic criteria should be defined  for selecting appropriate people and improving the quality of services. It also can lead to a framework for succession planning and is helpful in organizational decision making improvement.