The Effect of Real Estate Registration Documents on the Mental Health of Society

  • Ali Karimi Ph.D. Student of Private law, Private Law Group, Yazd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yazd, Iran.
  • Abas Karimi Ph.D. Law, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran.
Keywords: Ownership Certificate , Ownership Document, Establishment of Rights, Property Registration, Mental Health


Undoubtedly, the mental health of the society is effective in the progress and development of the country and an important part of this mental health is due to the trust and confidence of economic activists in their investment. Considering that the realm of important investments is land and immovable property, and if the ownership of these lands is built on a shaky foundation, the whole property and economy system will be insecure. In this study, considering the data collected through library study and collection of documents, it was proved that the developments in the field of judiciary and legislation in recent decades have contributed to this insecurity and posed a serious threat to the mental health of economic actors. In order to compensate for this situation and restore this mental health, it was proposed in the process provided by the Law on Registration of Documents  and Property to establish the right of ownership, through the amendment of the law, the validity of two important and basic ownership documents should be restored, including the ownership certificate and the ownership document. The best method of the legislator's intervention was to amend and complete Article 22 of the Law on Registration of Documents  and Property.