Relation of Religious Coping and Depression Levels in Infertile Women

  • Naemeh Honarvar
  • Mahsa Taghavi
Keywords: Correlation; Depression Level; Demographic Features; Infertility; Religious Coping


Objective: Religious coping is known as one of the successful manners to cure depressed infertile women; however, research findings show that demographic factors (e.g., education level) have played an important role on the relationship between depression and religious coping scores. The goal of this study is to measure the influence of age, job status, and education level on both scores within Iranian infertile women.

Method: In this cross sectional study, 1000 women (mean age, 35.96; range, 26-45), who are recruited from different hospitals of Shiraz (Iran), are selected via multistage cluster sampling method. The reliability and validity of the translated versions of the questionnaires have been confirmed. The correlation coefficient (Spearman method), adjusted linear regression coefficient, and ordinal regression coefficient of demographic features with the depression scores/levels (minimal, mild, moderate, and severe) and religious coping scores are determined.

Results: A significant negative correlation is found between depression and religious compatibility scores in 1000 infertile women (ρ = -0.318, P = 0.000). In addition, the results have implied the existence of a significant correlation and linear relationship between religious coping and age and job status (P < 0.05). Furthermore, both correlation and ordinal regression of depression intensity with both job status and education level are found to be statistically meaningful (P < 0.05).

Conclusion: The negative correlation between religious coping and depression scores has implied the positive role of religious coping in protecting infertile women from depression, especially among employed women. Nevertheless, the correlation of religious coping with education level is not strong enough due to the nonuniform distribution of variables through their range.