Stroke and drivers' job fitness

  • MS Attarchi
  • B Bakhshayesh Eghbali
  • SM Seyed Mehdi
Keywords: Storke, Fitness for work, Automobile Driving, Road Accident


Introduction: Stroke is considered a relatively common disease in developing societies. This disease is one of the most important causes of sudden non-cardiac incapacity. On the other hand, the disease can naturally occur in working-age and drivers. Therefore evaluation of the fitness for work in a driver with a history of stroke can be a significant challenge for the occupational health physician and road safety. 

Materials and Methods: In this study, to identify the main indicators and evaluate job fitness in a driver with stroke history, research has been conducted in valid databases such as Embase, UpToDate, PubMed, Medline (Ovid), Scopus, and web of science. Indicators that should be considered in this evaluation include the type and severity of the stroke, the probability of recurrence of the stroke attack, the degree and type of limb defect in the driver following the stroke, etc. Also in this study has been paid to some guidelines for help in deciding how to continue driving.

Results: Stroke is the most common acute neurological disease among working-age adults. About a quarter of strokes occur at working age. Cerebrovascular disease can lead to sudden disability. Approximately 50% of people with stroke in developed countries want to continue driving.

Conclusion: Things such as the probability of occurrence of stroke and sudden incapacity in the future and comparing this amount with acceptable risk and the amount of limb defect caused by stroke and its interference with driving should be considered. Also, consumption medications and their side effects and other comorbidities should be considered in this job fitness evaluation.