The relation between physical space standards, equipment standards, safety, health care and general health issues concerning the operating room personnel in university/educational hospitals affiliated with Birjand university of medical sciences

  • E Yazdan Parast
  • F Fakhrealizadeh
  • F Davoodi Moghadam
  • H Ramezani
  • SH Ghorbani
  • Davoudi M
Keywords: General Health, Operating Room, Health Care, Educational Hospital, Standard


Introduction: Occupational health and safety threats in hospitals and clinical centers are more serious due to physical and psychological factors. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the relationship between physical space standards, equipment and safety and general health of operating room personnel in hospitals affiliated to Birjand University of Medical Sciences in 2015-2016.

Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was performed in all operating rooms of Birjand University of Medical Sciences hospitals and their personnel (n = 88). Research tools included equipment standards checklist (32 questions), physical space (25 questions), health (23 questions), operating room safety (21 questions) and GHQ-28 questionnaire. Checklist validity was confirmed based on the content validity and reliability coefficient of 0.85. Data were analyzed using SPSS / 18 software, central indices and correlation tests

Results: On average, 86.29% of operating room standards were observed in Birjand University of Medical Sciences hospitals. Equipment standards (89.62%) and physical space standards (82.71%) were the highest and the lowest, respectively. There was a direct and positive relationship between the general health of personnel and the different aspects of standards, meaning that the higher the standard, the higher the general health of the personnel. Only the relationship between general health of personnel and standards of physical space and equipment was statistically significant (p <0.05).

Conclusion: The present study show that the occupational environment of the operating room, especially the presence of standard and safe physical space and equipment could significantly correlate with general health. Therefore, it is essential for managers to maintain physical, safety, equipment and infection control standards.