Study of knowledge and attitude of nurses in Sanandaj city toward organ donation

  • Sina Valiee
  • Shoaib Dehghani
  • Shiva Mohammadi
  • Sahar Dalvand
  • Farzaneh Khanpour
Keywords: organ donation; knowledge; attitude; nurse


Background & Aim: Nowadays, organ transplantation is the final treatment for the patients with end-stage organ dysfunction. Considering the importance of the organ donation and the important role of nurses in increasing the number of organ donations, the present study aimed to determine the knowledge and attitudes of nurses in Sanandaj hospitals toward organ donation.

Materials & Methods: This study was descriptive-analytic (cross-sectional). 250 nurses working in hospitals in Sanandaj city were selected by stratified sampling method in 2017 and completed the questionnaire on knowledge and attitude towards organ donation. Data were analyzed by SPSS software version 20, using independent t-test and ANOVA.

Results: The results showed that the mean score of knowledge was 13/2±04/ 57 and the mean score of attitude was 44.7±82.75 and 207 (82.2%) did not have a donation card, while 146 nurses (58.4%) tended to receive a donation card. The mean score of nurses' knowledge about donation was 13.2±26/49 and the mean score of their attitude was 13.2±07. 91. There was also a significant correlation between attitude and level of education (p=0/045).

Conclusion: According to the results, the knowledge and attitude of the majority of nurses were moderate and most of them did not have a donation card. Considering the importance of this effective group in increasing the culture of the community toward organ donation, education and preparing appropriate background for receiving, and increasing knowledge and attitudes toward organ donation for the nurses is necessary.