Determining student nurses’ opinions of the low-fidelity simulation method

  • Ümmü Yildiz Findik
  • Duygu Soydaş Yeşilyurt
  • Esra Makal



Background & Aim: Low-fidelity simulation is an educational method that provides active learning. This research was conducted to determine student nurses’ opinions of the low-fidelity simulation method.

Materials & Methods: This descriptive research was carried out with 54 student nurses between April–May 2017 in a skills development laboratory in the Nursing Department of a Health Sciences Faculty in Turkey. A questionnaire prepared by the researchers was used for data collection.

Results: The results of the research show that student nurses believe low-fidelity simulation was an educational method that improved skills and provided effective learning. Satisfaction levels of the student nurses related to this educational method were high and all of the student nurses felt that an education using this simulation method was very useful.

Conclusion: Based on these results, we recommend that low-fidelity simulation method should be used in nursing education programs.