The effect of thyme honey on anemia in hemodialysis patients

  • Seyyed Ali Mousavi Kiasari
  • Monir Nobahar
  • Raheb Ghorbani
  • Mohammad Reza Tamaddon
Keywords: anemia; hemodialysis; thyme honey


Background & Aim: Anemia is one of the most common complications of chronic renal failure, which is associated with increased fatigue, dyspnea, depression, malaise, prolonged hospitalization and mortality. Some patients are resistant to erythropoietin therapy. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of thyme honey on anemia in hemodialysis patients.

Methods & Materials: The present clinical trial was conducted in 2018 at Kowsar Hospital of Semnan on hemodialysis patients randomly selected with convenience sampling method within two groups of case (n=28) and control (n=27). The case group received thyme honey (33 g) daily for one month. The control group did not consume thyme honey. Blood samples were taken from the patients before and after the intervention with 10-hour fasting and then blood parameters were assessed.

Results: The mean ±SD reduction rate in hemoglobin level was 0.46±0.96 in the case group and 0.23±3.15 g/dl in the control group, but no significant difference using independent t-test (P=0.758). The mean±SD reduction rate in hematocrit percentages was 1.20±2.78 in the case group and 0.11±8.53 in the control group, but there is no significant difference between the two groups using independent t-test (P=0.590).

Conclusion: Results showed that daily administration of 33 grams of thyme honey had no effect on anemia in hemodialysis patients. Further studies are recommended with modification of the methodology regarding the type, dose, duration and instructions of honey consumption for better results.