Preparation and Characterization of ZnO Thin Layers with Various Percentages of Gallium Impurities

  • Mohammad Hossein Manzari


In this study, thin films of pure ZnO and  doped ZnO with different percentages of gallium (0.5, 1, 2 and 4vt. %) on the glass substrates were deposited by using sol-gel method via spin coating technique at 2500 rpm, and all layers were annealed at 200°C for 1h and then Were examined their electrical, optical and structural properties. Concentration of all solution was 0.1M. The results show that the optimized layer is 0.5% GZO. By examining the transmittance spectrums we find that by doping the transparency of samples were improved and all samples in the visible areas 400-800nm are transparent. The electrical conductivity of all samples has been measured by four-point probe technique. The electrical conductivitys of pure ZnO sample and 0.5% GZO are 910-5 S/cm and 110-4 S/cm respectively. It can be a good choice for optoelectronic applications. Also X-ray diffraction results showed that diffraction peaks of 0.5% GZO sample have a small changes towards lower angles compared to the diffraction peaks of ZnO.