Diverse Nano Dimension of SDS, PEG and CTAB Roofed MgO Nano Powder Synthesized by Co-precipitation Method

  • Rajendran Varadharajan


The SDS, PEG and CTAB roofed MgO nano powders were synthesized by co-precipitation method.  The sintered nano powders was shown Fm-3m space group with cubic phase obtained by the XRD pattern. The lattice strain was calculated to be used Williamson-Hall equations (W-H). The formation of Mg-O bond and hydroxyl radicals on the surface were confirmed by the FTIR analyses. The TEM revealed that the morphology of sintered nano powders has three different dimensions (0D, 1D, 2D) with average crystallites size was about ̴ 20-80 nm and length usually 200-500 nm. The UV-DRS spectra show that the ionic surfactants roofed MgO leads to band gap shrinkage. The evaluated optical band gap energy is Eg= 4.10eV, 3.41eV and 3.12eV for SDS, PEG and CTAB-MgO nano powder respectively.  Also extending light absorption towards the visible region due to decrease in crystallite size of surfactants roofed MgO nano powders utilizing for photocatalytic purpose and opto electronic devices.