Air pollution sources in Ahvaz city from Iran

  • Mohammad Velayatzadeh
Keywords: Air pollution; Dust; Environment; Ahvaz; Iran


Human needs clean and healthy air. Clean air is more important than food and water. Industries and industrial activities produce a lot of gases and particles that pollute the air. Air pollution, as one of the concerns of the present age, in addition to environmental degradation and economic damage, poses serious risks to human health. Continuous monitoring of air quality to identify pollut- ants and identify sources of their emissions is also one of the basic strategies for controlling air pollution. Unhealthy air quality causes a lot of damage to humans and the environment and various health effects. Air pollution is a major environmental threat to human health in many developed or develop- ing cities around the world. The level of air pollution is usually determined by the concentration of air pollutants such as dioxide hydrogen, sulfur di- oxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and suspended particles. In recent years, air quality has been a major factor in the emergence of quality of life in urban areas, especially in densely populated and industrial areas. Air pollution with a wide range of suspended particles has effects on human health, including the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as mortality. In this article, the effects of air pollution on the environment and sources and the source of pollution in Ahvaz city are introduced.