A Review on Scorpionism in Iran

  • Rouhullah Dehghani
  • Esmail Charkhloo
  • Nedasadat Seyyedi-Bidgoli
  • Elahe Chimehi
  • Maedeh Maedeh Ghavami-Ghameshlo
Keywords: Province, Sting agent, Scorpion, Iran


Background: Scorpions are one of the most important venomous animals in Iran. Their sting has more prevalence in the south and southwest areas. The aim of this study was to introduce their sting agent species in the country.

Methods: Data were extracted by a mini review on scorpion stinging articles in Iran until early 2018 and then the sting agent species in each area were studied. Geographical and provincial distribution of each species also was provided.

Results:  Twelve scorpion species are causative agents of sting. According to their deadly rate and clinical symptoms, some of them are considered the most dangerous venomous animals in Iran. Some death cases have been reported be­cause of the sting of 3 species of Hemiscorpius lepturus, H. acanthocercus and Androctonus crassicauda. Remaining species have not deadly sting but because of their frequency, they encounter the individuals and cause the stinging.

Conclusion: The highest number of sting agents is in Khuzestan, however Gilan and Mazandaran have the lowest fre­quency. Because of the high prevalence of sting agent species in that province, the necessity of providing control and prevention programs is very important.