Prevalence of Elevated Non-HDL Cholesterol among Patients with Diabetes in An Iranian Population

  • Asma Kheirollahi
  • Azam Karkhaneh
Keywords: Cholesterol Cardiovascular disease Diabetes mellitus


Background and Aims: Non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol (non-

HDL-C), which reflects all cholesterol present in potentially atherogenic lipoprotein particles, might be a useful marker of atherosclerosis in diabetic subjects. In the present study, we evaluated the prevalence of high non-HDL-C in patients with dyslipidemia in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects following LDL-C assessment as the first goal of therapy. Materials and Methods: A data set of 2142 individuals was included in the study. All values of lipid profile were compared between non-diabetic and diabetic groups and the prevalence of dyslipidemia was evaluated in two groups.

Results and Conclusions: According to the results, 48% of patients with diabetes achieved combined LDL-C ≤2.5 mmol/L and non-HDL ≤3.3 mmol/L targets, and 58.2% of diabetic patients achieved LDL-C goal while only 50.2% attained non-HDL-C goal. Also, the results indicated that non-HDL-C significantly heightened in patients with diabetes. Therefore, non-HDL-C needs to be calculated as a routine assessment in patients with diabetes.