Effect of 6 Weeks of High Intensity Interval Training with Nano curcumin Supplement on Antioxidant Defense and Lipid Peroxidation in Overweight Girls- Clinical Trial

  • Somaye Fakhri
  • Saeed Shakeryan
  • Aliakbar Alizadeh
  • Ali Shahryari
Keywords: Turmeric, Overweight, High-Intensity Interval Training, Antioxidants


Objective: Thepurpose of this study was to investigate the effect of 6 weeks of HIIT training combining nano-curcumin supplement on antioxidant defense and lipid degradation in overweight girls. Materials and Methods: The research method was semiexperimental study. Accordingly, 48 overweight girl students were randomly divided into four groups: training (n=12), training-supplement (n=12), supplement (n=12) and control group (n=12). Supplement groups consumed 80 mg nano-curcumin capsule daily. Training groups performed an exercise protocol of HIIT training with maximum heart rate for 6 weeks (three sessions per week). The control group did not have any regular exercise. Blood samples were obtained before and after training period for antioxidant indicators and lipid degradation measurement. T-test and one-way analysis of variance were used for the evaluation of within-group and between-group differences, respectively. Results: A significant increase was observed in serum levels of Malondialdehyde ( P -value= 0.004) in the training group after 6 weeks. Also, there was a significant increase in serum Glutathione ( P -value= 0.001), Superoxide dismutase ( P -value= 0.006) and Catalase indexes ( P value= 0.01) in the supplement group. Moreover, a significant increase in catalase ( P -value= 0.001), glutathione ( P -value= 0.006), superoxide dismutase ( P -value= 0.015) and glutathione peroxidase indexes ( P value= 0.05) and a significant decrease in malondialdehyde ( P -value= 0.009) were observed in the training supplement group. Conclusion: A positive antioxidant effect was seen, so taking curcumin supplement along with exercises may have beneficial effects on reinforcement the antioxidant system and prevention of lipid peroxidation in overweight individuals.